What neops does

Abstract complexity, increase agility: Execute complex tasks without having to understand the underlying technicality. This allows for delegation of work to where it makes most sense, even to other business units or customers.
Network automation within any environment: Start where you are and go from there, no matter what. Manage complexity of change through automation of your existing infrastructure and services.
Build true automation upon your logic: Enable a highly adaptable end-to-end automation within any environment. This means one single workflow from business and end-users all the way down to low-level tools and devices.
General approach

How it's possible

Flexible abstraction: neops gives you the possibility to create custom dashboards that abstract technical complexity without limiting actionability. This allows engineering, operations and business to productively work together.
Contextual data: Enjoy an unmatched project overview and easy execution and automation of a whole new range of tasks. This is possible by putting relevant data into context with the integration of any third party system – even custom solutions.
Custom workflows: Build low-code or plain python network automation tasks within one platform. Define your decisions based on your logic, your data and your infrastructure. No stupid limitations, no enforced methods, no bullshit.
A tool for everyone

Full-fledged DevNetOps IDE

As a integrated development environment, neops combines your end users, operations, engineering and development tools into a single user interface.

End user

Work with a easy to use interface with predefined workflows and aggregations.


Stay on top of your network and enjoy full transparency, reliability and security.


Get things done thanks to neops' agentless approach to powerful and safe network automation.


Build upon what you have – with languages and technology you already master.