How neops was born

Existing network tools just weren't good enough. So we built our own.

We are an interdisciplinary team of networking experts that joined forces with a talented crew of software engineers and founded the company zebbra AG in 2013.

At that time it became obvious that DevOps was the way forward in the system world and our journey began to provide benefits seen in DevOps for the networking world. Along our journey we have built lots of tooling and helped important Swiss companies to train their teams.

The solutions we have built grew from pure infrastructure management into user centric self-service portals. It became our speciality to design & develop full MSP offerings that are deeply embedded with relevant business processes.

In this process we have gathered many insights and stumbled upon many pitfalls. neops is the consolidated output of all this: a fun to use, no-bullshit solution that makes network management not only a lot faster & easier but also way more joyful.