Acquisition and estimation

Do you have to plan, estimate and offer large changes to mission-critical infrastructures?

neops supports you by abstracting the quantitative size of projects/changes behind a platform that allows you to apply thousands of changes in the shortest possible time. With this knowledge you can focus on factors like organising specialists, working out processes and scenarios and scheduling your engineers when planning, estimating or quoting.
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Focus and transparency

Is your engineering team strong in developing technical solutions, but often has to deal with repetitive routine work?

neops's tool set allows your engineers to manage a network and its components by grouping, scheduling, executing and monitoring the results of recurring tasks. This gives your engineers a centralised view of the network state and gives you the peace of mind that your team can focus on engineering work and planning security in your project and operations portfolio.
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Team scaling and enterprise partnership

Tight resources due to short-term peaks, complex challenges and absence of specialists?

We are ready with a broad catalogue of support. We can support you with solution design in projects, setting up and operating the neops platform, training your team, with engineering work, but also with defining and measuring KPIs to achieve your business goals and digitising your processes.
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